Stridebox January 2014

Right before Christmas I was wasting some time on Reddit /r/running and there was the obligatory pre-Christmas gift ideas thread. I had been interested in Picky Bars for a while, and Picky Bars offer a monthly subscription where they send you a mixed box of bars every months. Sadly they don’t offer it (yet) to Canada. However, I found out in that thread about other similar services, where they will send a box filled with running related items (small gadgets, nutrition, stickers, etc.). There had to be one that ships to Canada, right? Runnerbox? nope. Kona Kase? nope again.

Enter Stridebox. They ship to Canada! Wuwu! I looked at previous boxes, I looked at price, it took maybe 5 seconds to convince me. I love food, I love gadgets and I love those technical semi-scientific nutrition products. So I signed up, eagerly awaiting my first box in January.

It arrived last night. Behold the contents in this awesome kitchen picture:


Here are the various items, clockwise from top, and I’ll add my comments after each description once I get to try them out.

1- Zing bar (peanut butter and chocolate chip) – This one is extremely tasty. Right texture, right taste. Peanut butter feels just right after exercise… Two problems: these might be difficult to track down locally, and when you do (they are on, they’re quite expensive. As a comparison, they are more than three times the price of Clif bars (which are quite good by themselves) found at my local grocery store.

2- Reflective band – Fairly standard band, seems more solid than the Nathan ones we have (although it hasn’t gone through kids hands, yet). I really like the color however (blue), these are usually red/orange/yellow. Different.

3- NoGii D’Lites (chocolate caramel) – Yummy! This is also a great format. Filling, but not overly big and therefore lower in calories. Available on; price is decent –  a bit on the expensive side, but not that bad.

4- Showerpill Athletic Body Wipe – Given to the Mrs. She said it felt a little too moist (she said smoochy). I told her she needed to work out harder then. 😀 (jk, she’s working out very hard as it is).

5- Coco Hydro (Pineapple) – This was one that I really wanted to try. I had been wondering for a while about Coconut Water, hearing about a lot of people drinking it and swearing by it. I used it as hydration / electrolytes / energy during a smaller bike trainer session. I can see why some people like that, but it’s not for me. For people who do not like their drinks to be too sweet, this is ideal. Sadly, I like my sports drinks to be sweet – usually sweeteners as I tend to get my sugar from solid food. I’ll keep my coconut experience in Pina Coladas.

6- UCAN Sports Drink (Lemonade) – Avoid. Mumbo jumbo scientific talk (superstarch). Very hard to dissolve properly, will settle during exercise and the bottle will need constant shaking unless you like your sport drink powdery. The taste was not good, but I’ll blame that on flavor choice (I would have taken something else than lemonade if it was my choice). However, the main problem was the consistency: it felt like drinking syrup. It’s very thick, hard to swallow. It’s one thing to wash down energy gels with water, but wash down a sport drink with water? No thanks. I didn’t feel any better than with your average sport drink (aka Gatorade) and will certainly not change Gatorade for that.

7- Honey Stinger Gel (Vanilla) – Fairly straightforward energy gel. Taste was ok, although if it wasn’t written on the packet, I would never have known it was vanilla flavored. Tasted like honey more than anything else, sweeter than most other brand. Still good though.

8- Powerbar Energy Blasts (Strawberry Banana) – Now I remember why I didn’t buy those. They taste great. Texture is not as great though. They are much harder to chew than the Honey Stinger I use. I’m already sweating enough, I don’t need waste energy chewing my gummies… Now, if you could combine that flavor with Honey Stinger softness…

And finally:

9- Worry Less, Run More sticker

Nothing to add after that!


3 Responses to Stridebox January 2014

  1. catranizi dit :

    Updated with comments on most items 🙂

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