Tour of Sufferlandria progress report #2


This has been a rough week… Not because of these workouts, but because the little family had its own share of bad ailments (ruptured eardrum anyone?). But as far as a cycling event goes, I can’t ask them to postpone it for me, can’t I? The rules were clear!

  • I was deployed in a submarine, while on a business trip, and saved a kid from a burning building all at the same time so I missed one of the tour stages. Can you let me do the rides early or late?

    You’re welcome to still complete the tour if you can’t meet the scheduled dates. You won’t be eligible for the badge or TrainerRoad prize pool. We do this to make it fair to everyone. You will still be eligible for The SufferFest prize pool if you make a minimum donation of $10.

Clear. No excuses. Thankfully, since I started used the time window to the max, that would give me some « rest ».


Stage 5: Extra Shot + The Wretched

This one was quite short, but included two workouts in a row (not allowed to stop between each except to go change the workout on the computer). Extra Shot is usually done after a workout, not before: it’s like an « encore », an extra dose of suffering. To start with it was a tad rough, it has little to no warm up. The Wretched felt awful afterwards.

Stage 6: A Very Dark Place

That one was rather easy, although the efforts were stronger. Nothing much to say…

Stage 7: Angels + The Hunted

I could talk ages about that one. First of all, these are 1h workout each, so that’s a nice 2h to fit… on a weekday. No way I can do that in morning, Friday night we are going to friends for beer and pizza (not gonna miss that!), Thursday evening I have my swimming lessons… I mulled that one for a long time, and finally decided to cancel the lessons and concentrate on these workouts. Second, in my mind, 2x 1h workout is more intensive than 1x 2h workout. That one was going to be rough… I prepared the man cave with music (I don’t have the videos for these workouts), sport drink, water, gel pack, Clif bar (that’s like a carrot on a stick: finish the workouts to get your Clif bar!).

It actually went rather well. Enough recovery here and there that I didn’t suffer as much as I thought I would.

7 stages done, 2 to go! Starting them early gives me Friday as rest day (wuwu!). Saturday is « Blender » and Sunday is « Violator » (that one doesn’t look gentle.. 64 sprints? wth…)



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