2014 season

Never thought I’d post that… A list of races or competitions I would take part in, and my goals for those. But it feels pretty good to be in decent physical shape!


Coming very fast is the Hypothermic Montreal Half-Marathon on February 16. 4 days to go! Weather seems to say not much snow until then (so hopefully no trudging through 6 inches of fresh snow) and it looks to be partly sunny and cold on Sunday. This is my first half marathon, plus it’s in snow, so I’m not going to pressure myself into some very fast pace. Finishing in the top half of my group will be plenty enough.

Results: official time 1:54:11 (chip: 1:53:50), 190 overall out of 927, 165/530 male, 65/188 M30-39. Better than planned!


Local race: 10km in Champfleury (Laval). D will be racing it as well, and the kids will be running a 1km. Should be a very fun day. For the kids, just the prospect of getting new running shoes (they already have chosen the flashiest of them all) is motivation enough. Add a medal to that… they’re in! We’ll be running along with them, encouraging them (and pushing them a little to finish maybe!) For me, if I can better my current personal record on 10km, that should put me in the top third of my group.

Results: official time 46:02, 36 overall out 244, 33/141 male, 10/41 M30-39. PR and better than planned again.


Duathlon Oka. This is it! Baptism of multi sports event for me! 5km run, 20km bike, 5km run. Honestly, I have no clue how this will turn out. I know my times, but individually, without the gear switching and all… It’s a very small event – 40ish people. I think I can do top 10 with a lot of transition practice, definitely top half.

Results: Triathlon got cancelled, so the crowd got bigger. 21/90 overall, 8/16 age M35-39. Pretty much where I wanted to be. Very happy with this one.


Doing a sprint triathlon in Rouyn. Since I’m not yet comfortable with the swim part, I have no expectations with this one. Just finish it! 🙂

Results: Well, I jinxed myself it seems! Two flat tires and a DNF. Water under the bridge, moving on…


Le tour de l’Isle-aux-Coudres, a 23.5km race with one nasty climb (for those who have visited the island, it’s the climb right after taking the ferry). This is one of our favorite vacation destination, so we’ll definitely join vacation and racing – the kids will do a 1km as well! Bonus: whale watching, maybe mountain hiking if we go to Parc des Hautes-Gorges, quad biking. Great times ahead!

Results: Well, I was wrong about the topography (it had 2-3 climbs in the early kilometers). On the brightside, this race went extremely well. 59th overall, PR of 1:39:27 for the half-marathon, total time of 1:50:33 for the whole race. 15/55 in my age group, 51/225 for men. Extremely satisfied with this result!


Montreal Half Marathon with D. At this point, I should be able to target a sub 5:00/km half marathon, hopefully something around 4:45/km. We’ll see, this is pretty far off.

*Edit* Well, first, I added my first A race: Esprit Triathlon, Olympic distance – I’m hoping for a conservative race time of 2:45:00. Second, for Montreal half-marathon, since I already ran sub 4:45/km for a half marathon, I should target 4:40! But since I will be coming off the Esprit a few weeks before, doing 4:45 should be fine 😉


Oka 5km race. Again. Kinda like a celebration event, where it all started. I could do the 10km or 21.1km, but I think it will be fun to see my progression year to year at the same event. #28 last year, hoping for a top 10 this year!

And this is it! Maybe I’ll edit this post with actual results after each race.

Seeya next week with my first half-marathon results!


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  1. catranizi dit :

    Updated with Hypothermic Half results, and updated June plans.

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