Stridebox February 2014 review

This one is great! Let’s see what’s inside (clockwise from top left):


Cerasport (Fruit Punch) – Rice based electrolyte sports drink. Fairly low calories, looks pretty tasty.

Verdict: Very interesting. It reminded me of a product that was in last month box (UCAN drink) because this one had a syrupy texture as well. However, where UCAN felt like drinking motor oil (with undissolved powder in it), Cerasport texture was ok. It left a feeling of fullness, I didn’t feel like reaching for the bottle all the time. I still drank the same volume in the end, so it was more psychological than anything, but I felt like I wasn’t struggling with hydration. Taste was good as well. Not sure where I can find that one, but if I can grab it from local stores over Gatorade, I will. It’s slightly less caloric than Gatorade as well (I like Gatorade, but I think it’s a tad too sweet).

Skratch (Pineapples) – Another sport drink, slightly more calories. Not sure about pineapples in my sports drink though.

Verdict: not my cup of tea, mostly due to flavor.

Sharkies Turbo Energy Chews (Strawberry) – Apparently a new products for Sharkies, gummies with caffeine, relatively low calories. I was not a fan of the standard Sharkies (they get in my teeth, too sticky) but the texture of these seems different. Might have been because the pack is cold, we’ll see.

Verdict: These were great! Unlike the regular Sharkies, the texture of these one was more like sour bears – chewy, soft and not sticky. Maybe it was the coating on them that prevented them to get stuck in my teeth. Will definitely replace the Honey Stinger chews if I can figure out where to buy them.

PocketFuel Energy Shot (Java) – This one is interesting – and weird. It really is a shot of coffee in gel form. Low calories, I’m definitely looking to see if it’s any good.

OK, this one was weird. It was really just a shot of coffee. It wasn’t caloric / sugar enough to support effort, yet came in a little gel form. Taste was good though, for what it was. Since I’m not supposed to drink coffee anyway, I won’t pursue that one, but I’m still miffed about the usage of it (effort?).

Rise protein bar (Almond and Honey) – Looking forward. Nothing can go wrong with almonds and honey, can it?

Verdict: Tough call. The flavour was good, but I’m not a huge fan of purely protein bars. I feel like I’m eating a wax tablet, the texture is not great. I understand that  » there are lots of proteins in there! » but I would like to get am enjoyable snack. For now, I’ll stick with my sweeter, less protein but enjoyable Clif and Krono bars. Maybe there will be a time when I *need* higher protein bars and if so, then these might be at the top of my list.

Mission Athlete Care Foot Rub – Interesting. My feet are indeed in need of some care. Will try that one after next long run.

Verdict: Not much to say. There was enough for one rub on both feet, and I didn’t feel any different before and after. Not for me.

Mission Athlete Care Lip Balm (Peppermint) – I’m no fan of lip balms (or any greasy stuff that goes on my lips). However, after the Half Marathon last Sunday, every time I licked my lips, I’d get this nice iron taste in my mouth. AKA, dry, cracked lips. So I decided to look after lip balms to alleviate the situation. Then I found out there would be one in this Stridebox. It is quite strong in flavor, soothing (pretty much like a lozenge in a sore throat). I’m still not a huge fan of lip balms, but I will use it. I can’t vouch for all the stuff in it (vitamins) but it is protecting my poor lips.

Clip-on LED. That thing is neat. Just a round little LED that you clip on your belt for runs at night. It would illuminate the road for you, but it will make you visible.

And this month’s sticker: I ♥ 2 Run. Darn right.


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