Stridebox March 2014 review

Another month, another box of goodies. Again, a very good month.


GU Brew (Lemon Lime) – Some kind of Gatorade equivalent. Not my cup of tea, but I’ll gladly try it.

Verdict: In January I complained that Generation UCAN drink was syrupy. In the end though, it was still drinkable. This, on the other hand, was foul. It tasted like Mr. Clean. Actually, at some point, I was wondering if I had either not properly cleaned my bottle before mixing it up, or if I had mixed up the pack with a laundry detergent sample we got in the mail. It was not sweet, it was bitter and acrid. And I usually like lemon flavored drink. The other thing that surprises me is that up to now, I liked all GU products. But not this one. I’m actually wondering if anyone would actually like this…

Lace Locker – A velcro system that locks laces in place. Not sure either of us will use it, the idea is good, but I’m not sure why I would use this over making a double knots on running shoes. And my tri shoes have quick laces, so no point using them there…

Fluid Recovery (Chocolate Wave) – A protein recovery shake. Smells awesome, definitely looking for that one.

Verdict: I mixed it with 2% milk; end result was a frothy chocolate protein shake that went down very well. Didn’t dissolve perfectly, but heck, it was very tasty, and wifey liked it as well. Will probably end up buying some if I can find it locally for the occasional after workout shake at home.

GU Gel (Salted Caramel) – A gel. Actually the one flavor I use all the time 😉 I am definitely hoping GU makes that one a permanent stay in their line up (it’s currently only a seasonal flavor). I will be very sad if it goes away. The flavor is sweet enough, but not as sweet as all other gels due to the « salty » flavor. I could eat it as a snack 😦

Lenny & Larry Fit bar (Peanut Butter Crunch) – A protein bar. Looks very yummy.

Verdict: Thankfully, this one is not sold in Canada, or I would have a hard time choosing between protein bars! Very tasteful (peanut butter bars are usually very tasty anyway), right consistency, a slight creamy feeling to it. Very, very good.

Slather chafe cream – Will definitely try that one, as I do have some issues with chafing (currently use standard Body Glide).

Honey Stinger Bar (Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond) – Looks yummy as well! Tonight, after swim lessons.

Verdict: Now this is a protein bar. Still the waxy texture, but the taste is so good that it overcomes the texture. Almost like having a piece of Forêt Noire cake. Clif bars, Krono bars, Picky bars, and now this… Too many to chose from! Would definitely buy a box if I saw them in store.

Bioplasma Sport electrolytes – That one is intended to be ingested directly. It’s a small pouch of powder that dissolves quickly on the tongue. You can also dissolve it in a cup of water. Not sure yet how I’ll use it.

Verdict: I used it undissolved, directly on tongue after a very long run in very cold temperatures, where I didn’t have access to water and electrolytes and I felt I needed something extra after. Dissolved very fast, actually sweet tasting, seemed to have done the job.

Don’t Think. Just Run. I’m good at both 🙂


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