Race recap: Course de Champfleury 2014

This wasn’t my race, frankly. This was their race (and their friends’ race too):


No pressure from parents. None. They were not going to be officially timed, there was no official results and standings. All there was were 200-300 young children running 1km, alone, in pairs, sometime hand in hand with mommy or daddy. A whole lot of fun. Neither of them stopped during the race to walk, no complaints, Alexa even sprinted to the finish line! And they both said they want to do more races.

Proud owners of a new medal, bib and stories to tell at school and daycare.


Admittedly, it was kinda chilly, and wet. It could have been a few degrees warmer (maybe next year). Their course went through wet grass and some mud. But none of that slowed them down. They had a blast, even got the finisher lunch (banana, muffin, juice box, bottle of water) and a balloon which was almost as awesome as the medal for Alexa 🙂

Alright, we did race as well. Leading up to the race, lots of doubts for both of us. When we were in Florida, I ran a lot, no issues, great time, great weather, felt that it would be awesome here as well as soon as the snow would go away. When we came back, I went out for a 24km one weekend, felt great. Next weekend, 26km, felt great. But during that week, I went out for a normal run at lunch at work, short but speedy intervals… About 80% done, knee pain… Limping afterward type of knee pain. Rested the legs from running for a week, biked and swam a bit, tried running a week after – knee pain. Decided to rest from running and biking until Champfleury race, swam a few times (that shouldn’t mess up my knee, right?), and then rested some more. Diana, on her side, also was dealing with knee and hip pain.

Expectations for the race for myself? Either I would be writhing in pain after 10min on the ground, or I would nail my best time for 10km.

What did I end up with? Both (although the pain came after 45 min, not 10).

The day didn’t start really well… Rain was the forecast. Downpour was in the possible future. Cold. Snow I can manage. Rain when it’s 20°C+ I can manage. But we weren’t exactly prepared for rain at 3°C. What jacket to wear, which shoes, etc. Picked up my regular running jacket to block wind (not much use in rain) and waterproof running shoes and hoped it wouldn’t rain too hard. Thankfully, it didn’t.

We headed to the race, parked the car, had our ritual with our traditional pre-race energy gummies, warmed up, went into the corral… and somehow the race started without much countdown, noise or anything. It was like… hey, this thing is on. Confused racers ran forward, and as usual, I forgot to start my watch (and eventually, I forgot to stop it it as well – as usual).

It was fairly straightforward from there… I wanted to keep my pace around 4:30/4:35 per km, and that’s exactly what I did. Never really slowed down, never really accelerated, just a well paced run which ended with a personal best of 46:02, beating my personal best by more than 2 minutes. Final standings: 36/244 overall, 33/141 men, 10/41 men 30-39. Even better than expected, and completely blown away, to be honest.

Diana had an awesome race as well, beating her personal best by a fair margin. You can see that she’s definitely happy with herself there!


Proud finishers!


The knee, however, is not agreeing, although it’s not as bad as it was two weeks ago. More rest until the Oka duathlon should do the job.


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