Stridebox April 2014 review


Less items this month, probably because their overall value is higher than usual. But it’s a good month!


Quest Cravings – Protein Peanut Butter Cups

As soon as I saw pictures of other people having received their boxes (we get it a little more slowly in Canada, so I check spoilers), I knew I had to eat that one before anything else. Athlete Reeses. It can’t go wrong, can it?

Verdict: tough call. It’s definitely edible, but it’s definitely not a Reese. In my opinion, they went overboard with the protein powder. Regular quest bar don’t feel like they have the usual protein bar texture, but these definitely had a granular, dry feeling. I feel they could have taken off a few grams of proteins and raised the overall experience. Chocolate is unsweetened (fine by me), but you either need to take very small bites or wash it down with a liquid – it will get stuck in your mouth because of the dryness. But again, it’s definitely edible, just not an item I would actively look to purchase.

NOW Trail bar – Raspberry, peanut and almond

This I knew would be very tasty. I really like nuts bars, and with the raspberries in there…

Verdict: They were perfect. Nothing more to add really, you can’t go wrong with that combination.

Huma Gel – Chia Seed Gel – Blueberry

This has been something I had been wanting to make myself for a while: Chia, fruits, some sweetener as a gel option (you can easily make your own in a blender). The Chia soaks up liquid and acts as a gel agent.

Verdict: Now, this is a tasty, healthy gel. When I know all the ingredients on the label, it’s a good sign. Unfortunately, these are not available in Canada, and they don’t ship to Canada, but it has made me realize that I will be switching to a homemade chia based gel instead of store bought gel packs.

Achiva Native Energy – Chia Seed Chews

Due to a clerical error, I didn’t get it in my box, but it now allows me to underline something about Stridebox: great customer service. A simple email to them and they are shipping me the item separately. Thanks guys!

Verdict: First, again, awesome service from Stridebox: I got two packs of said gummies and a bunch of stickers. Now on the actual gummies… tough call. They would have been perfect if the flavor was raspberries. As it stood, it was raspberries and green tea, and while the conception was entirely natural, green tea gave it an artificial tinge. Probably because I don’t really like green tea. Still, they did the job and held my belief that there is a way to create all natural sport carbs that is decent to eat (as opposed to the highly artificial maltodextrin gels).

Cytomax Sports Performance Mix

Energy drink. Always looking forward to these.

Verdict: Not my style. It’s just not sweet enough for me. It went down well, I just don’t like it very much when it feels too watered down.

ZipFizz – Healthy Energy Drink (Fruit Punch)

A low calorie drink with lots of electrolytes and vitamins, etc.

Verdict: First, I’m not a fan of added vitamins. My opinion is that you should be eating healthy enough outside of your sports nutrition that you don’t need to add vitamins as supplements. I’m not against having vitamins, but their effect on performance is questioned by most nutritionists and there are some serious side effects to taking too much of certain vitamins. Electrolytes are fine though. But whereas Cytomax had tons of calories and felt watered down, Zipfizz had low calories and felt like someone added 10 times the amount of sucralose the recipe called for. Way too sweet and artificial. Not for me.

Stridebox Running Belt

A very nice running pouch to store gear on the run. It will come in handy (I need to remind myself to carry IDs and such when I go out for a run).

Run. Smile. Repeat.


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