Pharmaprix Run for Women – Race Report

I thought I’d continue Guillaume’s tradition of completing race reports. He’d be the one writing this one too, except that he wasn’t running in this race (Pharmaprix Run for Women – 10km). Although men were allowed to race, he decided to leave this one to the ladies. It was my first race in which Guillaume wasn’t participating. It felt strange, but I knew he was there supporting me. I was participating with a good friend of mine, so that would make the event extra fun.

Registering for this race was a spur of the moment decision. I had ran the 10km Champfleury race 3 weeks earlier and didn’t have another one on my radar for a couple of months. I knew my good friend had registered for this race along with her girls (my own girls good pals). Our families enjoy running together, so I started contemplating it. I registered (myself and my kids) about an hour prior to online registration closing time. At that point, the forecast seemed to call for cloudy but relatively decent weather.

That forecast was wrong. It was a rainy, dreary, chilly morning. Another race where I debated what to wear 3 minutes before starting. Running in the rain didn’t bother me too much, however, the fact that there was no shelter during the pre-race wait (or for the friends & family members to wait for the runners to finish) was a bit disappointing. I was worried about the kids freezing. Guillaume had brought the camera to take photos of me and the girls. He was planning on cheering me on and greeting me at the finish line. Because of the conditions, he finally had to sit this one out with the girls in the car while waiting me to finish. It was simply too cold and wet to wait outside. He and the girls did give me a great send off at the starting line, though, and the buzz of the crowd (and of my clan) was still very positive.


The race circuit itself was on Île Ste-Hélène, where Guillaume ran his first half-marathon (L’hypothermique). The course was hilly, muddy, full of water holes and rocky. A wonderful training ground, but particular conditions for a race. To be honest, I didn’t feel very well during the race. My energy level seemed too low to complete this thing. During the Champfleury race, I remember feeling animated, invigorated which is also how I normally feel on my 10-15km runs. I pushed on (if I faint, it’ll be at the finish line!), and to my surprise matched (and probably even beat by a few seconds) my personal record. My chip time came out to 53:35min (a pace of 5:26min/km), however, the course was about 100meters short of a real 10km. By extrapolating, I’d have matched (or slightly beat) my 54:20 Champfleury time. My standing was 23/200 overall, 7/55 female 30-39. Ultimately, I’m glad I got a chance to prove to myself I could do well on tougher course than I’m used to.

Next was the girls 1km race. By that time, everything was a mess. Sabrina found it very funny to be waddling in mud while waiting for the race to start. She relishes this type of environment, the dirtier the better. Guillaume ran with us, and it was a real 1km family (and friend!) event. I quickly lost sight of Sabrina, and stayed behind with Alexa who ran so fast on those short little legs. She was tired, but so proud as the crowd cheered her on. The girls were very patient waiting and running in such dismal conditions and have a medal, a bracelet and some muddy stained t-shirts to commemorate their event. So very proud of my little athletes!




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