Stridebox May 2014 review

Om nom nom time again!


Clif Shot Electrolyte Hydration – Lemonade

Verdict: Pretty good! Much less sweet than Gatorade (less caloric as well, but more caloric than GU or Nuun electrolyte tablets), this was actually tasty as well. None of that Spic and Span taste of other Lemonade products. Might buy that one if a local store carries it, although it’s much more expensive than your average Gatorade can…

Power Bar – Energy Bar – Nutty Berry

Verdict: Tasty. It’s however recommended as pre-race or during race energy. There is no way I’m eating something that heavy and consistent during exercise, it will come right back up. Not enough protein for recovery, I just don’t see when I would eat something like that.

PocketFuel – Nut Butter Blends

Verdict: Another tasty product of little to no use for me. It’s Nutella in a gel pouch. Except that most of the energy comes from fat, which is not something I’m researching.

FRS Energy Chew

Verdict: First of all: way too much wrapping. I do not understand why each chew is individually wrapped inside the larger bag. Waste of material and more garbage to throw out. That being said… The gummies had a grainy texture, a little artificial taste. They did the job but I would not buy these.

Electro Fuse

Verdict: Interesting product, with a few drawbacks. It’s basically (artificially) sweetened electrolytes. As a SaltStick caps user, this is an interesting twist. As someone who sweats heavily, I’m all for taking in electrolytes and this makes the experience more enjoyable in terms of taste. Problems? First, these are a pain to open and squeeze – no way they can be used during training (thankfully, they are advertised as before training anyway). Second issue is the quantity of electrolytes in the ampules – it is rather low when compared to other products (Saltstick caps, Eload drink, etc.), which leads to… Third is the price. For about the same price as a bottle of 30 saltstick caps, I get 3 ampules. Or the price of 15 eload drink portions which also give me a sugar boost. At this point, it’s just too expensive to be something I would remotely consider buying.

Fuse Science – EnerJel Muscle Rub.

Verdict: This I was really looking forward to test. Very strong feeling of the product getting in the tissues, providing some relief. Does it work? Can’t really say, but psychological effect of relief is worth it in itself. I like it.

Rockin’ Green – Athletic Wear Detergent

Verdict: Interestingly, this turns out to be my favorite of this month… I can’t say it cleans really much better than my standard Woolite, but the scent is much better and subtle, and the clothes feel fresher. Sadly, shipping costs makes this extremely pricey for Canada. Wish they had some distributors (well, they do for some of their products, but none of them seemed to carry the Athletic Wear detergent).

Run Strong!


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