Stridebox June 2014 review


It’s that time of the month again. And Sabrina is starting to show interest in these boxes (Diana is subscribed as well) – Sabrina gets a kick out of sports drinks, and whenever the box arrives she likes to see what’s in it. Sadly, a lot of the food items are peanut flavored, so she can’t sample them…

PureFit Nutrition Bar – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

A protein bar, with about as much proteins as carbohydrates. Gluten-free, non-dairy, vegan. And very tasty. If only it was a 3:1 – 4:1 ratio instead… Still, I ordered a box, they were that yummy.

Water Sensations – Liquid Water Infusion

There were two different flavors, but I got twice the « Energy » version. It’s a 0 calories pouch with potassium, caffeine and vitamins. It’s fairly interesting, except that the taste is just slightly too much. Think lemonade where you would have mixed it with half the water rather than the prescribed amount. It’s good, but bordering on the Spic and Span taste. Once you wash it down with water it’s ok. What is interesting though is that as far as supplements like these go, they are very well priced (about 0.50$ per pouch). If I saw those in stores, I might grab them.

Hammer Gel – Peanut Butter

Hammer gels aren’t bad. Peanut butter is good. However, this is a strange mix… Gooey, syrupy sweet peanut butter. Not bad, but I’ve had better gels…

Muscle Milk – Energy Chews – Tropical

Soft chews, tasty, about right amount of calories. Reminded me of Honey Stinger chews in terms of texture and taste. Pouches smaller than Honey Stinger, which is good when you need ~100 calories rather than the 160 from larger pouches. But this is an extremely pricey item.

Paper Shower – Body Wipes

Interesting products but… I don’t see why it’s a better option than say, regular wipes in a ziploc and a small towel. I didn’t feel « fresher » after cleaning than with other, cheaper options. It worked, sure…

A Perfect Pocket – Self Adhesive Pocket

Interesting item that I will probably not use: it’s a pocket (think Ziploc bag) with adhesive that you stick to your skin while exercising. Carry keys while racing, something like that. But I’m relatively hairy (!) and either a) this won’t just stick to my skin or b) it will stick and I will be screaming like mad when removing it.

HiCool – Cooling / UV protective sleeves

Sweat wicking UV protective sleeves – you put those on early morning or evening runs when it’s more chilly… which is not gonna happen for another 3 months. And no offense, but I’ll probably just put a long sleeve sweater at that point, something like surfers use to protect from the sun.

Until next time!


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