Stridebox July 2014 review


At some point, I thought that getting a Stridebox every month would eventually get repetitive: samples already tested, products I know and use, accumulation of items of little interest.

And then comes a box like this one to put me back on track: this one was awesome.

Honey Stinger – Gingersnap Waffle

This is the perfect example of an item I already know well: I buy Honey Stinger waffles by the box. Vanilla, honey, chocolate… I know them well and love them. But wait… what is this? New flavor? Gingersnap???

This one was pure awesome, like all Honey Stinger waffle. I either eat those before a very early workout, or during a bike ride. I absolutely love gingersnap, and this one didn’t disappoint. Now if only Honey Stinger would make mixed boxes 🙂

Bonk Breaker Bites – Blueberry Oat

Another product I know pretty well. Bonk Breaker makes energy / protein bars, a little thicker than Clif bars but just as good (only downside is that Bonk Breaker is not as easy to buy as Clif bars).

This was a perfect size product, well suited for recovery after a small workout (say, a 5-7km run). They were dense but chewy enough and the taste was great.

GU Gel – Salted Watermelon

I had heard a lot about this new flavor from GU. I already like the Salted Caramel so I was quite excited to try this new flavor.

OK. Not for me. I can see people liking this, but this is not the sweet and salty mix I am looking for.

Champion Naturals – Invigorate Workout Sports Drink

A drink supplement. Vitamins, amino acids, natural products, etc.

These do nothing for me. What I need in a sport drink are electrolytes. Salt. Not ginseng. I mean, it’s not a bad product in itself, just that for me, it’s the same thing as drinking flavored water. Maybe if I added it to another product (Nuun tabs, Gu Brew) but at that point, why bother?

2Toms – SportShield – Anti-Chafe

An anti-chafe product that comes as a towelette.

It works. Would I use it? Probably not… It’s « cleaner » than say, a Bodyglide stick (which can accumulate dust, hair, whatnots), it also produces more waste (the towelette itself and the packaging). It’s not like a Bodyglide stick is hard to carry either, so I don’t see these as more convenient.

Stridebox Bottle

Very nice add on to the box! I never say no to a sport bottle, we always seem to need more of these. But it was also a box in a box, as inside the bottles were more samples (energy drinks):

Nuun Hydration – Lemon/Lime and Tri-Berry

I’m already familiar with Nuun products. They’re ok. They are not sweet at all but provide appropriate electrolytes for me.

Zym Hydration – Orange

Much sweeter than Nuun or Gu Brew. I actually liked it. Less electrolytes than my go to long distance drink (eLoad), but a good alternative to Gu Brew.

Cocogo – Raspberry/Passion fruit and Grape

This I really liked. Impossible to find locally. Also no nutrition value on the pack itself, and nothing I could find on the manufacturer web site…


One Response to Stridebox July 2014 review

  1. artemiser dit :

    I agree, it was a very cool box :). Not done sampling it, but I did love the Cocogo as well as the Nuun -lemon. The Bonk Breaker Bite was good and just the right size.The orange zym made me thirstier as I drank it being a bit too sweet. Can’t wait to try the waffle!

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