Rouyn Noranda – Race report

Guillaume had registered for the July 6, 2014 Rouyn Noranda Triathlon. The event also featured 10km and 5km races, so I figured why not tag along and participate myself in the 10km distance. It was also a great opportunity to go see my brother-in-law and beautiful wife and daughters.

A familiar scenario:  prediction of beautiful weather a few days before the event, turns into a chilly downpour on race day. It would be a race a on a hilly circuit garnished with water holes just as I’ve seen before. I’m growing to enjoy this type of environment.

Guillaume left early to place his bike. The triathlon started at 10am and he informed me that the 10km race would only begin at 10:45am. To my knowledge (from the online registration information), there were only 9 participants in the 10km distance (and 0 for the 5km!). However, most people registered in person so we wound up being around 50 running both distances (in addition to the triathletes).

As we prepared for the sound off, I tried unsuccessfully to start my GPS watch. I fiddled with it for a long time while running and pretty much gave up. Apparently, the GPS felt like Rouyn was quite a distance away from any map it had ever used before and didn’t recognize the location. I admit I felt like I was running naked (or blind), but figured I’d give my best and enjoy the beautiful woodsy scenery. The watch finally caught the signal around the 6km mark. I had felt like I had been running a little slower than usual (due to the water holes and mountainous terrain) but when the data popped up, I saw that I wasn’t doing badly. I crossed the finish line without knowing my final time and because the runners from all the distances were on the same circuit, without being able to estimate my standing. It was a total shock when the standings sheet came out with my name as 1st female. Final standing was 1/12 Female and 8/27 Overall with a time of 51:59min (5.12 min/km). This is about 2 minutes better than my previous personal record! The wait in the rain for the awards was long and cold, but worth it. It was pretty amazing to be on the highest step of the podium! I got the gold medal and a gift certificate for Sports Expert. When I called home and told Sabrina my standing, she was pretty impressed and exclaimed: ‘’Good for you, Mommy!’’. My name was even mentioned in the local Rouyn paper :).


race results

The whole episode was, however, very bittersweet. The race consisted of a straight line distance of 2.5km (x4). As I was returning from my first 2.5km stretch, I started crossing the triathletes who were beginning their running segment. When I didn’t cross Guillaume, I figured that on my 3rd 2.5km segment, he’d be approaching me from the back and tapping me on the shoulder. That didn’t happen either. While on my final 2.5km stretch, I feared that he had got a flat tire on his biking segment, and that’s unfortunately exactly what happened. He had put so much effort into this triathlon, but although it didn’t work out in this particular race, he is already ready (and registered!) for the next triathlon which will be successful.

Next stop: Isle-aux-Coudres for a family racing event!


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