Stridebox review – August and September 2014

I got lazy and didn’t post my review of the boxes content in August – vacations, races, too many excuses. Here is the combined review of August and September.

For those who think no one cares about these: you’re probably right! But I post it for myself as well so I can remember my thoughts when I’m looking for new products (especially energy drinks… I’m very picky for these).


LockLaces, Neon Green & Reflective

These are always useful. Green color matches my trail/winter shoes, plus it will make me more visible when it’s darker in winter. Sold.

Powerbar Performance Energy Wafers: Berry yogurt

Diana got lucky and got the peanut butter flavor. I got yogurt. It tasted sour. Like old milk. I guess it’s normal for a yogurt flavor? Definitely not for me.

Hammer Recoverite: Vanilla

A recovery drink that is mixed with water. It wasn’t terribly good – it lacked smoothness of recovery drinks mixed with milk. I assumed mixing this with milk would bring the calories through the roof…

PowerICE Frozen Hydration – Pomegranate Raspberry Rip

If you have kids, you’ve seen the Pedialytes popsicles that you give when they have lost too much fluids. Same idea, marketed toward athletes. It’s a popsicle. With electrolytes. Which is probably the same thing as freezing Gatorade in a dollar store popsicle mould. I’m lazy, but not that lazy.

Sports Legs – Lactate supplement

Now that one I can’t say it works or not. I used it 3 times so far (had enough capsules for 4 times). 2 of these were workouts where I felt fine after (long bike ride, 90min run). Other was the Olympic triathlon where my legs were not fine at the end… Who knows. I might be tempted to buy more if I saw them for sale locally to try their effect on more workouts.

MRM Hydration Factor – NAtural Citrus

Flavor for my water. Not my cup of tea

2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel: Pina Colada

Of all the samples that came in Stridebox since I subscribed, this turned out to be the worst so far (granted, I didn’t get the turkey protein bar). First of all, I used it on a run where it was fairly cold outside. Usually gels will stiffen in cold weather. Not that one. It was still very liquid – too much. I had issues pushing it out of the package (it went the wrong way, back inside the package). I am the type of doesn’t stop to eat gels, I do it while I keep running, so fighting a package to get the gel out is an issue for me. But that wasn’t the worst: the taste was vile. It burnt going down, irritating my throat. It tasted synthetic. Yuck yuck yuck.


Gu Gel: Root Beer

Not so sure about this one but definitely looking forward to taste it.

A3 Bar: Peanut Butter and Jelly

This one was interesting – similar to Bonk Bites PB&J but slightly sweeter (more jam?). Not bad.

SK Energy Shot: Strawberry Lemonade

Vitamins and caffein, no calories. Not something I’d use normally. Didn’t feel energized more than usual. At least no stomachaches.

BeetElite NeoShot

Beet juice is the craze. I tried it before as a regular juice – it’s just too weird for me… it’s like drinking beets. I know it sounds silly, but it just doesn’t feel right. I should be chewing this, not swallowing it. Anyway… this is the reconstructed format, add water, voilà! It tasted even weirder. I really didn’t like the taste.

But… I had one of the best workout in a while afterward… coincidence? Who knows… I’ll get more regular beet juice to try it out…

Clif SHOT Bloks: Strawberry

Taste is good, not a big fan of the consistency – I moved away from Honey Stinger chews to Jelly Belly because I’m not a fan of chews that are too soft. But the format (6 bloks, 3 bloks = 100 calories) is a very practical one.

MRM Reload: Watermelon and Lemonade

Amino acids in a drink. Recovery stuff. Low calories, tasted good actually. I’ll take these two samples, not going to actively look for them.

Scarf-thingamajig (Multifunctional Seamless « Run »dana)

Buff type thing with a running design. I will not be caught with that on my head. It might be awesome for some, it’s not for me. I already have a yellow Oka tuque to make myself look silly. Sabrina will get a kick out of it when she’s old enough to put it on her head by herself.

Time to run!


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