2014 Year in Review

Ah, how quickly you passed, 2014…

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January: Sabrina is now 7! Her newly found fascination with Bilbo Baggins (move over, Harry Potter) led to The One Cake and giant sized Legos. Alexa was glad to mess things up help building Saruman’s tower.

IMG_20140205_092326 WP_20140216_10_44_34_Pro

February: Winter sports with the kids (both are getting pretty good at skating), and what is now the start of a yearly tradition, the Hypothermic Montreal Half-Marathon (with Rémi). Look for my report for the 2015 version of the race in mid February! Maybe even Diana will run it!


March: La Florida! With the Everglades and its crocodiles, and the beach and its creatures… (and no, I’m not referring to Dan and Christine). Going back in 2015 with a slight detour through Disney first.


April: 10km Champfleury with Diana, Rémi and the kids!

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May: Remembering a gentle man who left us too soon… Alexa is now 5, and her pony love has no limits. First multisports race (Oka duathlon) and soccer season debut!

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June: Soccer season now in full swing!

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July: Alexa is done with daycare!!! No more babies! And Diana kicked some ass in Rouyn’s 10km race (while I fell on mine in the triathlon).

20140802_125228459_iOS 20140803_144728833_iOS

August: Vacation in l’Isle-Aux-Coudres (and participated with the whole family in the annual race: half-marathon for me, 10k for Diana and 1k for both kiddos).

WP_20140907_14_47_43_Pro WP_20140928_11_33_48_Pro

September: Esprit Olympic Triathlon, volunteer work at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and Montreal Half Marathon for me and Diana.

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October: Tremblant again!!! Seems like we have a subscription of some sort there… Anyway, the kids like it and well, they better get used to it for the next few years 😉 Oh, and something called Halloween also happened in October…

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November: Oka race with the whole Lefebvre gang! Constance, Diana and me did the 5km, kids did the 1km. Lots of fun and fitness!

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December: Merry Christmas from us and our new « friend » Chippy the elf…

And now for my official numbers:

329 workouts, totaling 291h. 5138km of distance (3650km biking, 1440km running, 48km swimming). 193882 calories burned with an average heartbeat of 139.


5km – 20:07 (Oka 2014 race, down from 23:50 in Oka 2013)
10km – 42:46 (training, down from 52:40)
21.1km – 1:38:49 (Montreal 2014, new)

Duathlon: 1:26:00 (Oka 2014, new)
Triathlon Olympique 2:45:00 (Esprit Montreal, new)

And the lows…

Sprint triathlon: DNF (Rouyn 2014).

Diana’s numbers:

2014 was the first full running year, and it was an amazing one. In numbers, it equated to:

– 1175km
– 123 hours, 53min
– 150 runs (including 6 races)

Also, 73 hours of high intensity DVD workouts, 13 hours of swimming and 9 hours of biking.

My performance seemed to improve with each event. Highlights included a gold medal 10km performance, my first half-marathon as well as breaking my psychological barrier of a 5min/km 5km race. I’m blessed to share this interest with my husband and my children, which keeps me motivated. 

New personal records:

5km: 24:29 (Oka)
10km: 51:25 (IAC)
21.1km: 1:56:24 (Montreal)

Coming up: 2015 plans…


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