Now that 2014 is over and 2015 is progressing well, it’s time to look to the future and see what we’ll be tackling this year.


I’ll be participating in 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria, a virtual « race » done on stationary bicycles with fairly tough workout sessions. It is not a race as there are no standings – it’s basically a fundraising effort for Parkinson disease, and if you finish all workouts, you get bragging rights and a chance to win prizes. As you read this, it is already under way and I’ll be posting an update as we approach the end of the Tour next weekend.


Next up in February is the Montreal Hypothermic Half Marathon, an event I did last year with my friend Rémi, and we both enjoyed it. Basically, it’s a winter 21.1km race. Conditions will vary year to year – last year we had fresh snow on Thursday prior to the race which was removed or packed on most of the course except for a small 500m stretch that had 3-4″ deep snow. And the way the course was designed, we went three times through that stretch (and it was worst on the last time, since by that time you had to deal with snow and stragglers). Anyway, this should be an interesting race, not looking to set a PR, just to stay fit, have fun and enjoy the nice brunch afterward.


Next would be the 10km in Champfleury, a local race. Last year was cold and wet. 2 loops around streets I know very well (too well…). I should set a PR on 10km at that point and possibly break the top 10. Diana will also run the 10km, Sabrina and Alexa will be doing the 1km.


After that, the real fun begins. Last year I did the Oka duathlon, and was looking to do the triathlon this year as a warm up event, but they are only doing a duathlon in 2015. I assume that the water temperature of the last few years was too low and they decided not to spend time wondering whether or not the triathlon would happen. The plan for now is to do the Joliette triathlon at the end of May, the first triathlon of the 2015 season in the province, a sprint distance triathlon (750m – 20km – 5km). PR for sure since I never completed a sprint distance (DNF in Rouyn). Hopefully something in the 1:10 range.

image-article-ironman70_3tremblant copie

Then the first big (or in this case, huge) race of the year: Tremblant Ironman 70.3 in June. My first Ironman branded event. 1.8km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run. Shooting for a 5h finish. We’ll see, so many things to learn until then! The only one thing I know for sure is that there will be poutine and tears of joy at the end.


Two weeks later we should be in Rouyn and I’ll be avenging my DNF of 2014. I’m hoping to improve from Joliette and will be shooting for a podium (it’s a smaller event, everything is possible).


Looking forward to 2015, the biggest focus will be my first full marathon in September. It’s going to be a huge challenge, but one I’m diving into. Guillaume has got us all into trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon (which would need to result in a 3:45:00 marathon). We’ll see for this year, but one day, it will happen. I’ll be proud to complete the distance for the first time at the fantastic age of 40; whatever my result, it will come out of passion, work, determination and fun. My other smaller goal will be to aim for a 10km race under 50min (which ultimately will reinforce marathon training). My main objective, as always, is to continue to enjoy this wonderful sport, keep sharing it with my husband and children and to give our girls a strong basis for a healthy lifestyle.

After our vacation in New Brunswick, there should be a warm up race (half marathon if possible) in August (Mont-Tremblant, Rougemont and Lachine are all possibilities) and I’m still pondering doing the Esprit triathlon again this year (sprint or Olympic distance – not going for the 70.3). However, the big target in September is the Montreal marathon: my first full marathon. And I’ve told myself that yes, I can qualify for the Boston marathon in Montreal. That means running a whole marathon in 3:15:00 (for my age). A pace of 4:37/km. Basically what I ran the half marathon at in 2014. This is the basic cutoff, so that actually means running slightly faster, around 4:34/km to make the eventual cut. But I’m confident, I’ll work toward this and I won’t be sad if I don’t make it. I know it’s only a matter of time.

Beyond that… probably nothing. Maybe Oka 5km again just to keep some kind of structure in the training plan for fall. Along with Diana, Constance, Sabrina, Alexa and this year, hopefully, my mother (!). We’ll see. She doesn’t know it yet.

The grand plan is to try my hand at a full Ironman in 2016. So this year I’ll be ramping up the workouts – the goal is to average around 10h per week. The real struggle will be doing so without sacrificing my father and husband duties. Running at lunch hour. Biking early in the morning or late at night. Long workouts early in the weekends, during kids activities, if possible… I intend to spend a lot more time swimming – I know my main triathlon weakness is there. I’m aiming for 200km per month running, 400km per month biking. At least until the body gives up…

Finally, I’ll be racing again this year for the Canadian Cancer Society and World Bicycle Relief. I’ll set up my donation links for 2015 in the next few weeks.

Next up: Tour of Sufferlandria 2015


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