Pre race final preparations and other random thoughts

Just a few days left before the Montreal Hypothermic Half-Marathon and it seems like the conditions will be similar to last year insanely cold. Some snow on Saturday, no rain (thankfully!) and very cold and partly sunny on Sunday. So I’ll seal my prediction: I’m beating my time of last year, simply because I’ll want to be done with the race as soon as humanly possible. And so will Diana! She decided at the last minute to join the fun and will put out her best performance at the event for sure!

It’s been a terrible winter, running wise… since I do most of my biking on the trainer and swimming is done at the local pool, weather doesn’t affect them, but running… Frigid temperatures, horrible snow removal in Laval combined with a very decent amount of snowfalls, a bottom layer of ice that has been around since early January – it has made following my training plan very hard, especially on the interval runs – I can’t just start to speed up safely in that slush.

So Diana decided to join me and Rémi for the race. It will be her first winter race. It should all go very well, even though she is scared to slip and break something. But the lure of the spanking new medal was too hard for her. She just loves bling bling.

After that… we’ll soon be off to the sun. FINALLY. I can’t wait to get rid of the cold for a few days! Even if it means suffering Mickey Mouse and friends! Who am I kidding anyway… I’ll probably enjoy it just as much as Sabrina and Alexa.

Last week I posted about food, and especially flapjacks and granola. Well, I’ve been experimenting with granola a bit and should have something to say about that fairly soon… And I tried the alternate flapjack recipe – it’s similar to the one I tried minus the dates, and replacing oil with butter. Much better recipe – it’s almost like a seeds bar now, holds much better. I’ll fiddle a bit with it and see if replacing butter with nut butter works, so I can raise the proteins in the bar a little bit and convert it to a recovery bar (right now it’s a teeny bit low on proteins:sugar ratio).

On a different subject, people might remember I used to be some kind of music « connoisseur » (I do put this between quotes for a reason. It’s highly debatable). After all, I did spend a few years writing about music for various papers and have my own radio show for a while. Anyway, I was fiddling on Wikipedia a few months back and found out that Pitchfork Media had put out a list of 1001 albums that you have to listen before you die. Having accounts on Deezer and Spotify, I have access to about 95% of these albums, so I decided to slowly listen to all of these. After two months, I’m about 15% done… Some no brainers (My Bloody Valentine – Loveless, Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation, various high profile 80’s pop albums (MJ, Prince, Madonna), Beatles, Metallica, Queen, Nirvana, etc.) but some weird choices (Britney Spears? Really??? I understand she was popular at the time, but to name that as one of the 1000 most artistic albums of all time?) and some glaring omissions (INXS – Kick isn’t there, no Love and Rockets, Chameleons, Charlatans – Some Friendly isn’t there…).

Overall, it’s been a fun little project. I discovered some, I reminisced the past (Purple Rain) and in a year I’ll be able to say I listened to all these albums at least once in my life!

Seeyall next week unless I froze to death 🙂


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