Pre race thoughts and training report

A few days before our next race (10km in Champfleury, Laval) and a little more than two months from Tremblant half Ironman. Winter seems to be slowly receding. Seems. I have a hard time telling myself I’ll be swimming in open water in Tremblant, and much less to practice before Tremblant (and I can’t imagine how warm the waters will be in Joliette on May 31…)


I got these recently: neoprene swim socks. You know… when it’s really too cold to swim but you’re still feeling masochistic and want to take a dip. Now considering the rest of the set (swim cap, swim gloves) because I have a feeling there’s still gonna be ice chunks when I practice in May in Lac Castor. You know, a winter swimming paraphernalia. It totally makes sense. No pompon on the swim cap (probably not aero enough).

So, back to that 10km race. I have been pondering what to do with it. I’m kinda anal to sticking to my schedule and not missing workouts, and currently I’m right in the middle of 70.3 training. That means 60-75km bike rides (or trainer sessions), fairly long runs, intervals, swim sessions more than I care for… and I kinda feel drained at the moment. The race is on Sunday. I’m supposed to bike, run and swim on Thursday. Swim on Friday. Bike 65km and run on Saturday.

And then somewhat race a 10km on Sunday.

I thought about that 10km just being another good workout. Push myself to the max for the 10km, to the max of the day’s abilities, that is. But with a 2h bike ride before, intervals and swim sessions a few days before, I think that would get me a decent run, but nothing spectacular.

And that bugs me. Competitive me wants to kill that 10k. I feel I can be close to a 40 minutes 10k. I can’t do that if I drain myself this week. Plus, I got one knee that’s bothering me slightly (and I know that some rest will make it better – it’s nothing major but it’s not gonna go away if I keep hammering it). So I have decided to postpone those long bike ride, swim sessions and others.

Postpone. Because I’m anal and it will bother me if I don’t do them. Because I know that doing that swim session will change my 5:20:00 time in Tremblant into a 5:19:59 time. Totally worth it.

I know Diana, Sabrina and Alexa will get new personal records. I gotta at least try, no? 😉


2 Responses to Pre race thoughts and training report

  1. artemiser dit :

    You’ll be fine. You normally have knee pain prior to a race, and you always do fantastic – I’d be worried pre-race with NO knee pain if I were you, haha! You matched your September time in February’s God-forsaken conditions. And I can’t wait to see you on June 21.
    Oh and thanks for the vote of confidence on the PR; Although as competitive (and anal!) as you, I’m also lung sick. Highly doubt a PR is in the cards for me for Sunday – although, as you say, we have to at least try and see what happens!

  2. You’ll do great as well. You tend to surprise yourself 🙂

    It’s been a year with knee discomfort, although it’s nowhere near what it was in Champfleury last year. I could barely walk after the race, and not because of the effort…

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